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Nova Towers
Nova Towers
Project type: -
Location: Mme Curie Street, Koreitem on Lots 1068 & 1069, Beirut, Lebanon
Country: Lebanon
Duration: Works Started on December 2006, Expected Date of Handing over First Trimester of 2010
Type of works: Minor excavation, demolition, concrete works, masonry, stone cladding, plumbing, heating ventilation, air conditioning, tiling, false ceiling and general finishes
Projects group: Luxurious residential building
Estimated value of works: -
Consultant: Spectrum Engineering Consultants
Client: Mohammad Ghanem El Chamma'ah - Shatilla Family
  Unique independent twin towers consisting of a ground floor, 22 stories, 5 underground basements for car parks, technical rooms and amenities.
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