Building Works
services and capabilities

ACW has an outstanding record in building construction; multistory residential buildings, single houses, commercial complexes, schools, warehouses, sports stadium to international standards, and educational complexes.

We have a comprehensive experience in all phases of building works, using precast or conventional construction techniques, excavation, shallow and deep foundations, concrete and steel structures, masonry & plastering, all types of finishing and electro-mechanical works.

We have executed many sophisticated building projects under tight time and cost constraints which require highly specialized equipment and skilled manpower and the supervision of experienced engineers and architects.

ACW's extensive experience in building works involves all types of finishes:

  • Electrical: high and low current
  • Air Conditioning: Heating and Cooling Ventilation
  • Plumbing
  • Marble Floorings & Cladding
  • Wood Joinery
  • Decorative Gypsum Works
  • Aluminum Joinery